Tips to prevent RDP and other remote attacks on Microsoft networks

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Your digital license is linked to the email you used to make the purchase. If you did the free Windows 10 upgrade or used any other method to upgrade your OS, then there’s no need to look for a product key. When you did the upgrade, Microsoft replaced your product key with a digital license.

Windows 11’s new Widgets are a personalized feed powered by artificial intelligence and Microsoft Edge. Instead of using a phone to check news, weather or notifications, now users can open their Windows 11 desktop to see a similarly curated view. Widgets offers new opportunities within Windows 11 to deliver personalized content for creators and publishers. While theMarch 2022 Windows 11 Patchis not classified as a “feature update” to the operating system by Microsoft , the patch does contain a few unannounced new features.

  • Plenty of other settings like reconnect on reboot, seamless tunnel, IP/TLS versions etc.
  • There’s one more thing, and it’s incredibly bad news.
  • You may have bought a cheap copy of Windows 10 from a third-party seller who is in fact selling cracked versions of the operating system.

If you only have a single monitor on a PC using the Windows operating system, split screen functionality is still very possible. This works on both laptops and PC monitors using the same process. If you want to quickly split the screen in Windows 11, you should use keyboard shortcuts.

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It will be selected as the USB drive where the Windows 11 media creation tool will be installed. Task View, a feature introduced in Windows 10, features a refreshed design, and supports giving separate wallpapers to each virtual desktop. If the same display is reconnected, the windows are restored to their prior location.

Now, simply call one of the listed numbers and follow the instructions provided by Microsoft Support. Press Windows + R to launch the Run dialog box, type SLUI 4, and press Enter. Enter Command Prompt in the search bar, and click on Run as administrator from the options on the right. This does not necessarily indicate that the key you have is no longer valid, as suggested by the error message.

Install Windows 11

Finally, to make Windows 11 ask you for a password on sign-in, repeat steps 1 and 2 and remove values AutoAdminLogon, DefaultUserName, and DefaultPassword. Unlike the first part of this guide, Windows 11 does not require entering credentials when you turn back on sign-in with a password. Once open, input Control Panel and press Enter. Alternatively, you can search and select Control Panel from the search box on the taskbar. The verification code arrives quickly and is valid for only a short time, so check your email or text messages for the code and finish the account creation process promptly. If the code expires before you complete the process, you can click the Back button on the code page and request another code.

What’s more, it allows playing back up to 6 clips at the same time, adding a border around the clips, balancing color, and tone, applying 3D LUT effects, and more. Split-screen is very useful when the user wanted to increase its productivity by reducing the need to toggle between different windows. As soon as this happens, you will see the screen briefly flash, and light will outline the window, and it will appear on the screen. You will also learn how to split-screenin two as well as four screens, and at last, you will get to know about Snap Assist.

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